How I Got Here: Shereen Anis

11 Mar 2013

Pandora PR manager Shereen Anis reveals how she found the perfect job and indulged her love of jewellery

Tell us a little about how you got into your role as PR manager for Pandora?
I had quit my previous job a year before as I wanted to wait until my youngest daughter had gone to nursery. A week before getting the offer, I had decided that I was ready to look for a job and stumbled upon Pandora accidentally. One of the company’s directors  had a child at the same school as my son, and he invited me to the grand launch of the brand. A few weeks later he offered me the job.

What is your favourite part of your job?
I love new challenges and ideas that involve creating awareness for the brand. We recently worked with a local Emirati designer on an abaya. It contained more than 250 silver and gold charms and we showcased it at the opening of our Al Wahda Mall shop. Like all women, I love jewellery.

Are there any less enjyable parts to your role?
I hate sending out press kits with new collections because it’s so time consuming. I don’t like sending out mass emails because I like to personalise each and every message – so you can imagine, with the number of publications in the market, how long that takes.

Pandora has some wonderful keepsake jewellery – do you have a favourite piece?
At our last conference in Copenhagen, we were presented with an animal charm made up of a lion, a giraffe, and a bee, which represents the work ethics that make up the brand. It stands for pride, passion and performance. The charm cannot be found in stores and that makes it all the more special for me.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt so far in your career?
Always put in 120 per cent and it will pay off in the end – it always does.

What advice would you pass on to others?
Personal relations are very important in any career, so make sure you don’t burn your bridges with anyone. 

Do you work long hours?
We really live in a virtual world, so I have the flexibility to leave the office when I need to and carry on my work from wherever I am. You can find me sending out my emails while watching my kids do their activities and I usually work after they go to sleep. We have a very flexible and non-traditional office, so it’s not about how many hours you spend at the office, it’s all about the results.

Which celebrities would you like to see wearing the Pandora collection?
I would love to see Jessica Biel, Kate Moss or Penelope Cruz wearing Pandora. They are young and trendy ladies who other women aspire to and I think they all have a story to tell, so Pandora would fit them perfectly !

How do you manage your work/life balance?
The key is organisation and, of course, a great nanny to help out. I usually have our schedule written out for the week, including my work commitments and my husband’s, as well as my children’s timetable. I plan who does what and when and somehow it all falls into place – except for mornings, which are completely mad at our house.

Is there anyone in business that you look up to?
Steve Jobs. It’s not so much because of what he created which was phenomenal of course, but more because he just never gave up. No matter who many times he fell, he would just get up, dust himself off and keep going.

If you weren’t working in your current role what would we find you doing?
I would be doing something, that’s for sure. I’ve been working ever since I was 16, even throughout college!

What are your plans for this year?
I would like to continue to grow the brand as we are venturing into so many countries in the Middle East. On a personal note, I am just grateful to be healthy and surrounded by my loved ones, so I don’t really like to plan ahead. I prefer to live day-by-day.

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