How to Host a Hassle-Free Iftar

No need to slave over a stove all day mastering the finer elements of Arabic cuisine, there is an easier way... cheat with a catering service
How to Host a Hassle-Free Iftar
Epicure Catering iftar

Ramadan is a perfect opportunity to invite friends and family to share an iftar at your home, when the principle of sharing takes on special significance as the fast is broken. However, if you’re fasting and don't have the energy to prepare food, and even if you don’t fast but find you're short on energy, time, or both, there's is a buy-in option.

Dubai-based Epicure Catering has created special iftar menus that can be delivered to your door, leaving you free to focus on your guests. With a sumptuous buffet spread for 15 guests (hot and cold traditional Arabic mezze, succulent grilled meats, fish with harra sauce and lots more) costing Dhs115 per person, it’s the easiest way to celebrate.

INFO: Individual meal boxes cost from Dhs65, a complete buffet is from Dhs115. For more information call Epicure Catering on 04 347 3808 or email

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