How to Get The Body of an Olympian!

Ahlan! gets exercise tips from Team GB boxing gold medallist Luke Campbell
Wednesday , 03 April 2013
Luke Campbell
Luke Campbell
Gold Medalist
Gold Medalist

We caught up with Team GB boxing gold medallist Luke Campbell when he headed to Dubai. He took some time to talk boxing and ice-skating with us and gave us tips on how to get an Olympic body.

You reached the final of the UK’s Dancing on Ice – very impressive! How different was your ice-skating training compared to your boxing training?

It was fantastic – I got to the final! But, you know, I’m a boxer; I try not to get hit in the ring, I don’t have posture, I don’t have presentation, I don’t have dancing skills, even though I think I can dance. People like to see someone who tries hard and although I’m not the most talented, I worked hard and improved every week. It’s all about your commitment and determination.

Do you think you’re a good ice-skater?
I think I’m good. It was difficult working with a partner and getting the timing right. I am used to doing my own thing, so yes I think I could make a good solo skater. I’ll keep it up from time to time; it’s refreshing for the mind and the body. I learnt a new skill in life, which I am very fortunate to have learnt.

At Ahlan! We are planning to take up boxing to keep us fit! We want you to give us your top boxing tips for newbies taking up the sport.
Running is a major priority in boxing, but again I think boxing is great for all fitness. It’s brilliant for getting rid of stress, tension, aggression, everything! You’re got punching the bag, skipping, it all works into one. It’s great for all-round fitness.

Do you think that there are more women taking up boxing for fitness?
I think it’s great that women want to get involved. At my gym there are a lot of women. Some compete, some just train. Nicola Adams helped open the door for women boxers with her Olympic gold.

You have obviously got a good body. Can you gives us tips and how we can get a body like an Olympian?
[Laughs] Train, train hard! We train three times a day. Being an Olympian is a full-time job. There is no secret to diet – you know what is good for you and you know what isn’t. We have a nutritionist, but you know to eat clean food. There is no point in going to the gym and not even getting a sweat on. If you’re aching the next day, you’ve had a good training session.

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