How Expensive Is Dubai Rent REALLY?

If you think Dubai is pricey, think again. These countries have it even worse
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 30 May 2018
How Expensive Is Dubai Rent REALLY?
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Finding an affordable rental in Dubai is a challenge, right? And while Dubai is still one of the world’s most expensive places to rent a flat, residents in other international cities have it way worse, a new report reveals.

According to Deutche Bank’s latest Mapping the World’s Prices report, rentals in Dubai are the 14th highest among 50 major cities around the world this year. But, believe it or not, they’re still cheaper than Hong Kong, USA, France, Australia, Switzerland and Singapore, among many others.
According to the new statistics, renting a two-bedroom flat in Dubai costs an average of $1,787 (Dh6,563) a month. But if you think that’s bad, think again.

In Hong Kong, the world’s most expensive city for tenants, a month’s rent for a two-bedroom flat will set you back about $3,737 (Dh13,726). Yep, that’s more than double the average cost in Dubai

On the other end of the scale, rents in New Delhi ($346) and Bangalore ($289), India are the cheapest.

15 most expensive cities for tenants
(Monthly rent for mid-range 2-bedroom flat)

1. Hong Kong: $3,737
2. San Francisco: $3,664
3. New York: $2,854
4. Paris:$2,483
5. London: $2,410
6. Zurich: $2,337
7. Boston: $2,164
8. Sydney: $2,052
9. Dublin: $2,048
10. Singapore: $1,974
11.Oslo: $1,949
12. Amsterdam: $1,876
13. Copenhagen: $1,848
14. Dubai: $1,787
15. Tokyo: $1,740

15 cheapest cities for tenants

1.Bangalore: $289
2. New Delhi: $346
3. Kuala Lumpur: $479
4. Istanbul: $498
5. Manila: $541
6. Jakarta: $562
7. Mumbai: $612
8. Athens: $613
9. Sao Paulo: $728
10. Mexico City: $761
11. Rio de Janeiro: $771
12. Prague: $875
13. Johannesburg: $878
14. Warsaw: $887
15. Cape Town: $939

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