How to Exercise During Ramadan

Check out workout routines that won't strain you
Sunday , 08 July 2012
You've got to plan to train
You've got to plan to train
Omar Al Duri
Omar Al Duri

Q. I know I can’t train that heavily during Ramadan as I’m fasting, but what type of workout would you recommend? Haya, 26
The most important thing is planning when to train. I suggest you train 30 minutes before breaking fast so you can refuel your body half way through your 60-minute workout with water and fruits. During Ramadan it is very easy to lose muscle as well as fat as your body goes large periods without water or food. To combat this, try weight training. And once you’ve broken your fast, swimming or spinning would be really good for your body. Omar

INFO: Omar Al-Duri, BSc Sports Science and Education. Voted SHAPE’s Personal Trainer of the Year 2011.

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