How did Hewitt do it?

15 Oct 2008

The diet and fitness KICK that GOT Jennifer back in shape… FAST!

Flaunting her fabulous figure on the red carpet just weeks ago, Ghost Whisperer star, JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT was virtually unrecognisable from the curvy girl in the bikini that made headlines a few months ago. Thanks to a get-fit-quick plan devised by personal trainer, Stevie Sant’Angelo, Jennifer has dropped eight kilos in 10 weeks. But how did she do it? Star Style reveals the never fail diet and workout tricks that has left the actress in the best shape of her life.

The motive
Despite being publicly criticised for having a fuller figure, Jen has never made it her mission to become a size zero like her Hollywood contemporaries. But determined to run a marathon by the time she reaches her 30th birthday, 28-year-old Jen’s weight loss is all about the feel-good factor – being happy as well as fit – and not about looking super skinny on the big screen.

The workout

Hitting the gym at least four times a week with her trainer, Jen’s workouts start with 10 minutes of cardio – either skipping or running on the treadmill – followed by 45 minutes of toning exercises. Using a kettle bell, she combines bicep curls, squats, kickbacks, and full body planks with weights to make sure she works all the muscles in her body. When she’s on her own, it’s 40 minutes of cardio to maintain her new-found stamina – swimming, roller skating or incline training on the treadmill, always followed by push ups, body planks, lunges and crunches.

The diet

Consulting a naturopath to ensure she eats the right foods to boost her immune system, Jen follows a sensible diet. Eating 1,500 calories a day, Jen tucks into bite-sized snacks every 90 minutes, like a small salad, a piece of cheese or an apple. Here’s what her average daily meals consist of…

Mixed fruit with cottage cheese or Gre0k yogurt.

Turkey sandwich on Ezekial sprouted bread with tomatoes, low fat mayonnaise and mustard.

8oz chicken with steamed veggies.

A teaspoon of peanut butter, a slice of cheese, a piece of fruit, or crudités.

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