How Daniel Craig Stays Grounded

Daniel Craig still likes to go to his local pub on a Friday night as he likes to stay as grounded as possible despite his superstar status
How Daniel Craig Stays Grounded
Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig still likes to go to his local pub on a Friday night. The Skyfall actor is one of the world's most famous people because of his portrayal of James Bond in the 007 movies but he likes to lead a normal life as possible, so always heads to his local drinking establishment when he's at home.

He said: ''I still go to the local pub. On a Friday night in the middle of town is probably not the best place for me to be having a quiet pint, but I still go for a pint back home.''

Daniel - who is married to actress Rachel Weisz - is reprising his role as the suave spy for the third time in Skyfall, but it is the first Bond film he has made with director Sam Mendes and he admits he drunkenly asked Sam if he would like to helm the project when they were at a party together.

He recalled to The Sun newspaper: ''I was at a party and Sam was there. He doesn't drink, so he was sober, but I wasn't. I picked his brains about the next movie and we talked about the things we loved about Bond movies. I offered him the job, which wasn't my job to do.''

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