How to Choose the Perfect Cheese Platter

31 Oct 2012

A good selection of cheese is the ideal end to a sophisticated dinner

Chef Erik at Prime Steakhouse, The Meydan Hotel, shares his top tips for cheese 

  • Start with a Tome de Savoie, it’s a semi-firm cow’s milk cheese from the French Alps and has a distinct grey-brown rind. It’s slightly salty and mild and often made with skimmed milk so it has a lower fat content, which makes us feel slightly better about indulging.
  • Good old Camembert. Did you know? It takes its name from penicillium camemberti, which is the mould the exterior of the cheese is sprayed with to allow it to ripen. Camembert often comes in wooden boxes and it makes a great vessel for baking. Take off the lid, season with thyme, salt and olive oil and bake until it bubbles. Scoop it up with crusty bread.    
  • Blue de Auverne is named after its place of origin in France and is one of the cheeses with a Appellation D'origine Contrôlée from the government so its place of origin is always controlled. The best way to store blue cheese is wrapped loosely in plastic and then in aluminium foil so it’s not exposed it light.
  • A simple accompaniment of crusty baguette is the best way to show off good quality cheese. If you’re after a savoury accompaniment pickled onions work well or raw honey for a sweet taste.