Housemaid Beaten to Death in Dubai

An Asian maid was attacked by her female employer in Deira
Monday , 25 January 2016
Housemaid Beaten to Death in Dubai
A housemaid has died in Deira

A woman who is living in Dubai will go to court after being accused of beating her housemaid to death.

The maid, referred to as KQ, was apparently heard several times by neighbours screaming out in pain and begging for help in a Deira residence.

Dubai’s attorney general Essam Issa Al Humaidan said that neighbours also said they could hear the defendant, SB, 35, shouting at the maid and cursing at her.

A relative of the victim said that the Asian maid was normally attacked with a stick and was punched several times across different parts of her body. The defendant, whose nationality was not revealed, also reportedly banged KQ’s head against the wall and then refused to provide medical assistance, which prosecutors say is what ultimately led to the maid’s death.

A forensic report confirmed that KQ did indeed die from constant beatings, torture and a lack of medical treatment.

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