Hot Talk at Ahlan's Hot 100 People 2012 Bash

From Hot 100ers to VIPs, check out what people were saying at the sizzling Ahlan! Hot 100 People party
Thursday , 01 March 2012
Kris Fade rocked!
Kris Fade rocked!
Silvery entertainment!
Silvery entertainment!

The most fabulous people in the UAE were at the hottest party of the year at the Maya Lawn, Le Royal Meridien last night, and we got to hear the most interesting things. From the Hot 100ers to the VIPs to other guests who rocked at the party, secrets were revealed, jokes were cracked and an amazing time was had. We have it all here for you, in their own words. 

Hot 100s

*Iman Pasha: “The party is AMAZING. The live band is such a nice touch.”

*Roshni Shewakramani: “There's a fabulous vibe and the party is definitely hot.”

*Raghav Arora: “Really cool party, done up really well. It’s spectacular!”

*Simone Heng: “It’s so great!”

*Rekha Tourani: “Such an amazing party! Love it!”


Ahlan! to DJ Bliss: “Who do you think is the best dressed person at the party?”
DJ Bliss: “Well I walked past a mirror before and I was like whoa!" Maybe this DJ should work in fashion!

*Punam Verma, co-presenter on Dubai One’s Out & About, spilled the beans on her secret talent: “Not many people know this but I’ve always been a singer songwriter, I’m bringing out a track this year!”

*Ahlan! to Kerry Katona’s boyfriend Steve Alce: “How long have you been together?”
Steve: “Just four months, but it feels like four years [laughs] in a good way”

*Out & About presenter Layne Redman revealed his plans to become an author: “No seriously, I’m really bringing out a cook book”

*Ahlan! to Virgin Radio’s Kris Fade and Brent Black: “We’re taking photos of the hottest couples”.
Kris Fade: “Take one of us! Oh wait, my wife might get jealous.”


*“Oh my God! She’s wearing my dress” – two girls, one gold dress...drama!

*“That girl’s worn that dress loads before” – a glitzy ball gown doesn’t go unnoticed, again.

“Her dress is from Zara, but it’s really old, like six months old” – This girl knows her Zara!

*“Someone like told me I look like Elton John in these glasses” – and now we’ve told everyone! You know who you are...

*Guy: "Are those statues made of real silver or real people?" Real people!

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