Hot Men: Tom Hiddleston

Hot Men: Tom Hiddleston

12 Jan 2014

All you need to know about the hottie who plays Loki

After being catapulted to fame as mischievous Nordic god Loki he’s become every woman’s favourite villain and was voted by MTV News readers as 2013’s Sexiest Man Alive. But there’s more to Tom Hiddleston than his comic-book character. Here’s a few facts about the charmer you should know…

Age: 32
Birthplace: London
Cast mates: Tom originally screen-tested for the part of Thor and even put on 20lb of muscle, but director Kenneth Branagh felt he was better suited to the role of Loki.
Papa don’t preach: Tom’s father tried to persuade him to find a new career after failing to win a breakout role, telling him to be his “own man” rather than “pretending to be someone else”.
Stately studies: He attended England’s prestigious Eton College and was classmates with Prince William. He thinks Wills is an ordinary lad who was treated like other pupils.
Man of Steel: He starred in Marvel’s Thor and The Avengers, but his fave comic book character was created by rival publisher DC Comics. In his opinion, Superman star Christopher Reeve was the first real-life superhero.
Fishy fears: Tom is terrified of sharks and always hears John Williams’ Jaws film score in his head when he swims too far from the shore.

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