Hot Beauty Trend: Peach Perfect

25 Apr 2013

Pastel peach make-up tones will give a healthy summer glow!

Peach make-up tones are taking over as one of this summer’s hottest beauty looks. Creating a bronzed natural summer glow, peach tones leave your skin looking healthy and fresh. The best part is that peach is a colour that can work on lips, eyes and cheeks. Go for an orange hue blusher on your cheeks such as Topshop’s Head Over Heels like Kate Bosworth, or wear a peach-tinted lip gloss for a natural gleam like Jennifer Lawrence. When it comes to bronzers, go for something light with a matte finish to give you that all-over golden look like Scarlett Johansson. If you really want to work the trend, invest in nude nail colours too. Peach suits most skin tones, light to dark, and will look even better on tanned summer skin!

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