Hot 100 homes - Khalid Alsuwaidi

07 Jul 2010

Al Barsha

“Who says fun can’t be functional?” questions charismatic young Emirati entrepreneur Khalid Alsuwaidi. We couldn’t agree more. Especially, when you catch a glimpse of his pet flamingoes tripping delicately over the manicured lawns between the vast swimming pool and the private spa.

Khalid cannily snapped up this rare architectural gem from a national who had designed and owned the property. “I fell in love with his style,” he admits. “I admire the modern layout for its simplicity, space and light. Properties like this are hard to find in Dubai.”

The two-storey villa has a large living area, a majlis, two kitchens and five bedrooms as well as a detached gym and spa. Khalid worked with designer Loreta Bilinskaite-Monie to create the home that would function as an extension of his personality. Their shared passion for design led to them forming a company that now has a large roster of high profile clients.

“The interior of my home is a fusion of modern furniture, fresh colours and classic inspired pieces,” he says, of which the star is the award-winning Moon System Sofa by Zaha Hadid. “When I first saw it, I wanted it. I didn’t ask or care about the cost,” he says. “As an Arab, I would love to see more contemporary furniture like this, maybe inspired by Arabic art and architecture.”

His ‘Viva La Art’ mantra is visible all over the house. Bold canvases and sculptural pieces are showcased beautifully against the modern lines of the house. His favourite room is almost a break away from this style, like an oasis of tradition, with black drapes, a fireplace and a classical seating area. When asked what plans he has for his home in the future, he answers like a true artist, “It’s a work in progress and will continue to evolve with me over the years.

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