Hot 100 Bars 2011 - 12

Hot 100 Bars 2011 - 12

The place to… Just chill.

I2 is one chill-out lounge that truly lives up to its name. You’ve got the swanky black sofas, the red walls, the low lighting and the low ceiling, the warm atmosphere – and it all adds up to a space that’s quite a cool change from the usual. Sure, the eclectic music – ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and contemporary lounge tracks – will have you moving. But there’s also the option to slow down and chat between those dancing sessions and you won’t have to strain to hear your friends or yell over the noise to talk to them. What’ll strike you most about I2 is its innate charm. After a long day at work, it’s the ideal venue for R&R, until you get your strength back for some more heavy-duty grooving!

Try this: Be there on Friday for the rocking Retro Night!

Dress:  Fashionable

Price:  Dhs200-300

Contact: 04 343 0000, Metropolitan Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.