Hot 100 2011 - Yassin Alsalman

The Rainmaker
Hot 100 2011 - Yassin Alsalman
Yassin Alsalman

Yassin – aka The Nacycist – is a typical Gemini. With a gazillion balls in the air, he juggles his roles of professor, writer, producer, MC and actor. One of his most notable performances was in last year’s hit movie, City of Life. “It was the defining moment that secured a place in my heart for Dubai,” explains Yassin. “I went places I’d never been and interacted with people I’d never met. It was an eye-opener and game changer.”

Even though Yassin was born in Dubai, he divides his time between here and Canada. “I went to Canada to pursue my BA and ended up becoming an artist and musician. This has always been a dream.”

The self-confessed occasional-pessamist admits that his biggest challenge in life is doubt. “I have to learn to never let the doors that shut in my face stop me achieving any of my goals. Also I should never allow people to block me from scoring. I must teach myself how to run around the field and practice becoming good at my sport.”

And when sporting metaphors fail him, Yassin relies on the wise statement once shared by his friend, Falah Alsaman: “It’s not how you weather the storm, but how you dance in the rain.” Indeed.