Hot 100 2011 - Vandana Bhatia and Lyla Dalal-Alrawi

The Style Hunter and Fashion Fixer
Hot 100 2011 - Vandana Bhatia and Lyla Dalal-Alrawi
Vandana Bhatia and Lyla Dalal-Alrawi

Vandana Bhatia: Style Hunter

Having grown up amid the buzzing London fashion scene, co-founder and director of Odyssey Fashion and Lifestyle Vandana came to Dubai three years ago and saw a gap in the market. “I noticed that there were either luxury brands or high-street brands and giant shopping malls. With Odyssey we bring trunk shows featuring select international emerging young designers. We attend fashion week trade shows personally and hand-pick brands that reflect our individual sense of style. I’ve always loved fashion and enjoy experimenting with different looks. I’m so happy that I’ve manged to turn my passion into a constructive business.”

Recently, Vandana has noticed a general change in trends here. “It pleases me that people are starting to shift from head-to-toe logos and are using fashion as a way of expressing themselves and their individualism.”

Lyla Dalal-Alrawi: Fashion Fixer

Like her partner Vandana, fellow co-founder and director of Odyssey Fashion and Lifestyle, Lyla is passionate about style. “There’s nothing like the satisfaction of shopping abroad and finding a one-off piece you can keep for years. We aim to consistently bring that experience to our clients who are looking for unique shopping experiences here.”

Lyla spent summers during her marketing degree interning at fashion magazines, but went into property when she graduated for financial security. “I never lost interest in fashion though, and then I moved to Dubai and couldn’t find a job in property, so I decided to take a risk and turn my life-long hobby into a career.”

For this larger-than-life Brit, her biggest life lesson comes from Derek Zoolander: “Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really ridiculously good-looking?!”