Hot 100 2011 - Tanaz Dizadji

A START with heart
Hot 100 2011 - Tanaz Dizadji
Tanaz Dizadji

This Iranian-born beauty has been coming in and out of Dubai for the past five years, but has finally decided to settle here to take on the role of Director of START.

“START is a non-profit organisation established by Art Dubai and the Al Madad Foundation, which applies the universal language of art to heal, educate and enrich the skills and opportunities of children in the poorest areas of the Middle East.”

Tanaz admits this is her dream role. “I’m lucky to be in a position to drive an organisation that uses art as a medium to empower children with special needs, as well as refugees and orphans.”

One of Tanaz’s defining moments in life was during her time at START. “The elation I felt when we told Mohammed, an orphan from Jordan, that he’ll receive a START scholarship enabling him to further his education was amazing,” says Tanaz.

This year Tanaz looks forward to expanding START and reaching out to more countries across the world. Her life motto? “Be patient and kind and most importantly, never give up.”