Hot 100 2011 - Simone Heng & Melissa Gilchrist Higgins

Getting Crafty and a Frontline Fox
Hot 100 2011 - Simone Heng & Melissa Gilchrist Higgins
Melissa Gilchrist Higgins and Simone Heng

Simone Heng: Getting crafty

Simone is best known for her career as a Virgin Radio and Dubai One presenter, plus occasional stand-up performances – but behind closed doors, this bubbly Singaporean is obsessed with knitting cupcakes. “I’ve a big craft addiction. I couldn’t bare wasting time in front of the TV if I wasn’t doing something productive, so I began knitting cupcakes and everyone started buying them from me.”

But Simone didn’t pocket the profits. Instead she used them to help a set assistant on her TV show who needed financial aid to cover Dhs20,000 medical bills after his daughter in Pakistan was burnt. She continues to knit for a cause to this day…

Melissa Gilchrist Higgins: Frontline Fox

A close friend of Simone’s, Melissa shares her values when it comes to fundraising. Having left her job in PR to volunteer in Haiti’s disaster zone, this intrepid Brit has finally found a way to combine the highlife and still raise money and awareness for humanitarian issues. “My new project Frontline Fashion is an online beauty and fashion portal, which sets out to provide the latest news from the ‘frontline’ on the hottest lifestyle trends, jet-set destinations and catwalk creations, while raising awareness about humantarian issues and funding support projects.”