Hot 100 2011 - Shoba Menon

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Hot 100 2011 - Shoba Menon
Shoba Menon

Shoba has had many roles in her life. Way back in 1989 when she first arrived in Dubai, the challenge-seeker worked her way through large agencies such as Fortune PromoSeven (FP7), Publicis, Wundermann and finally Equity, where she was CEO of the successful advertising agency. “I’ve done well for myself, but realise that success can’t be measured by money or power, only by challenges. I feel I’ve managed to reinvent and challenge myself, setting new norms in the process. Frankly, the role I keep changes from challenge to challenge and there are always new goal posts emerging.”

When the go-getter first came to Dubai, except for a handful of Asian women, international agencies were male-orientated or European. “To a large extent there was a gender and race bias. I broke the stereotype by being true to who I am,” explains Shoba. “Ultimately, my advice in life is work hard on yourself and not on the job.”

After acheiving so much, Shoba’s goals are now charitable ones. She’s recently started a journey with an organisation to eliminate poverty in the slums of Bangalore. “We visited five slums last summer and we’re working towards educational funding of the children.”