Hot 100 2011 - Sara Abdulrazak

The Pamper Princess
Hot 100 2011 - Sara Abdulrazak
Sara Abdulrazak

As Managing Director of her family business, Sisters Beauty Lounge, Sara’s day is jam-packed with glamorous appointments, treatments and logistical planning for what has quickly become one of the UAE’s most established and well-loved beauty salons.

Together with her mother Shirin, Sara is steering Sisters to become one of the region’s biggest success stories. “Every single day is completely different to the next and the opportunities are endless. Just the other day we got a call from Armenia to open there! Then there’s also India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. It’s a continuous exciting journey.”

As a self-confessed family girl, it’s the women in her life that are Sara’s inspiration. “My grandmother and mother are my role models. They broke barriers in business at a time when this region was more closed-minded towards women in power.”

Fast-forward to 2011 and Sara is not only one of the UAE’s most successful businesswomen, but she’s also setting her sights on taking her brand international… “it’s our dream.”