Hot 100 2011 - Samar S Sayegh

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Hot 100 2011 - Samar S Sayegh
Samar S Sayegh

As CEO of Arabic Television channel DMTV, Samar is living the dream. “I feel privileged to work in such an indusry with so much growth, transformation and visual communication. I love that I get to see every small change and meet such interesting people.”

Born in the UAE and still only 26, Samar says, “When I first started many people had trouble accepting a 24-year-old female boss. There was a mini internal war and I had to fight hard to prove I was capable of the position.” She never imagined she’d work in TV; instead Samar thought she’d work within the family business, National Paints, expanding the company internationally. “Life is full of surprises. I’m here now and taking the bull by the horns, despite the role’s challenges.”

The biggest lesson she has learned is the power of positive thinking when it comes to your success. “Don’t underestimate your own mind and the strength you carry within you. Your thoughts have a physiological effect on your health, luck and surroundings. When you understand this, you’ll realise even one negative thought can pollute.”