Saba Wahid, Tom Urquhart and Rosemin Manji

Hot 100 2011 - Saba Wahid, Tom Urquhart and Rosemin Manji

21 Feb 2011

Studio success stories

Tom Urquhart

Having lived here for 10 years, this charming brit has bounced between jobs in print, radio and now tv. Currently co-hosting dubai one’s hottest new show studio one, tom is enjoying his latest project. “i love the radio, but i’ve always wanted to do more television. Media by its very nature is a challenge here. Given the demographics of the audience and the cultural differences, and so on, it’s interesting trying to make the subjects you’re dealing with as fun as possible.”

Fun is one way to describe tom. His perfect day in dubai starts with “a late breakfast in the garden with friends that rolls into a completely unplanned lunch and hilarious afternoon”. By night he likes more of the same with “unpretentious grub, cold drinks, good conversation and silly laughs.”

Saba Wahid

As co-host for studio one, saba is simply revelling in her role. “i’m really enjoying my job. I get to meet so many interesting people. There’s never a dull moment, and i’ll never forget cooking for chef nobu matsuhisa at his restaurant!”

Saba describes herself as well-rounded with a passion for cooking. Orginally born in the us with a pakistani heritage, she admits she was always fascinated with dubai. “i love living here. I see it as an open canvas for creativity. The country is a wonderful contrast between the modern luxuries of western lliving and deep-rooted traditions of the east.”

This year, saba’s high point will be the new season of studio one. “i have to strive for excellence. Mediocrity is unacceptable! In life we all experience challenges. It’s up to each individual to deal with them – only then will you know whether you’ve failed or succeeded.”

Rosemin Manji

This uber glamorous beauty is the show’s resident fashion expert. With over 10 years in the luxury goods sector in london and milan, rosemin carved herself a name as one of dubai’s most stylish individuals within months of landing here. “i’d worked with some of the biggest designers from gucci to burberry, and when i moved here, old colleagues started to call and ask what’s happening in the region on a ground level – that’s how my consultancy, rrco, grew. We’re the eyes and ears for most brands.”

Even though rosemin has one of the most enviable jobs in the world, she says, “the fashion industry is not as glamorous as it’s portrayed, but hard work, determination and loyalty pays off.” And she’s taken advice from some of the biggest names in the business. “tom ford taught me there’s no such thing as ‘no’. At times you’ll feel there’s a wall, but you just need to go up it, under it or through it. Stay focused and you’ll always find a way.”

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