Hot 100 2011 - Robin Titus

The young gun
Hot 100 2011 - Robin Titus
Robin Titus

At just 25, Robin Titus is aiming for the stars as the region’s youngest General Manager for Africa and Middle East at Naseba. In just six years, he’s quickly risen to the top and is responsible for regional operations, correlating more than seven departments with over 50 employees.

“Since I’ve been on board as a GM, we’ve already set our eyes on opening two new offices in Beirut and Manama. We’re part of a culture of making things happen. It’s not for everyone, because becoming successful is demanding. It’s exclusive and I’m part of a team of success-driven people and a culture that empowers young executives to become leaders.”

Six years ago, Robin had no idea that he would end up where he is today. “A friend suggested I go for an interview. I was just 19 with no previous corporate experience or formal education, but I was given a shot because they saw I had hunger in my eyes. I started out as a sales executive and climbed the hierarchical ladder. Today I’ve worked for the company in London, Monaco, Prague and Cape Town and travelled to more than 22 countries. Each day I learned something new.”

As Robin’s life quickly changes and evolves, he feels in perfect harmony with his homeland. “Cultural barriers stop people from understanding or seeing the beautiful sides of this country, but desert has been transformed into something unimaginable, all with a simple vision.”

And as this young gun keeps shooting for the stars, Robin hopes to influence his peers to do the same. “I want to inspire young people to say, ‘yes, I can do this and nothing can stop me.’”