Hot 100 2011 - Randala Jishi Anabtawi and Tatiana Abella

The Environmentalists
Hot 100 2011 - Randala Jishi Anabtawi and Tatiana Abella
Randala Jishi Anabtawi and Tatiana Antonelli Abella

Randala Jishi Anabtawi

As co-founder of, the Middle East’s first environmental website, this Dubai-born environmentalist is on a mission. “Beyond learning about everything green from A-Z, Goumbook offers practical, how-to information about making positive changes in your lifestyle in pursuit of a more sustainable future.”

Not only that, the website also features a Green Business Directory, which targets green companies as well as responsible consumers across all areas of the green economy and environmental marketplace. “We started the website as we realised there are so many people out there in the UAE who want to adopt a more green lifestyle but are unable due to lack of information and resources. The biggest challenge is trying to get people to take notice of the impact their lifestyle is having on the planet and convincing them that going green is not a fad, but an actual lifestyle choice.”

Tatiana Antonelli Abella

This Italian born co-founder of Goumbook came to Dubai with the intention of only staying a short while. Fast-forward five years and she admits she’s here for good. “I don’t see myself anywhere else now. I love what I do. Through Goumbook I’ve learned about the local environment, its resources and its wildlife. I realise how important it is to boost green awareness in this region.”

Tatiana’s perfect day is, “to go to the beach early in the morning when the sea is calm and you can see all the marine life below the surface, play on the sand with our children and watch the sun go down before heading to a nice restaurant with close friends.”

For this mother-of-two, the biggest misconception people have of the UAE is that they see Dubai as a Disneyland. “There is much more in the city. There are real people with real lives. I know we have a bad carbon footprint, but there are people here really working hard to change things. Hopefully Goumbook will inspire more people to do the same.”