Hot 100 2011 - Racil Chaloub and Dalia Dogmach

Putting Glitz into Kitsch…
Hot 100 2011 - Racil Chaloub and Dalia Dogmach
Racil Chaloub and Dalia Dogmach

Racil Chalhoub

As co-owner of Kitsch Cupcakes and Head Buyer for Kitsch Concept Store, this stylish beauty jet sets between Dubai and Beirut managing the stores in both cities. Racil’s (far left) life is super busy but she admits that working with her childhood friend Dalia makes everything fun and more of a hobby.

“Kitsch is all about everything we love and cherish. Yummy food and fabulous fashion! At the moment, I’m busy working on the launch of our online boutique. Each and every venture we’ve done has been one of my favourite memories here. Every launch and set up has been a fun adventure in its own way and Dalia and I have accumulated many fun experiences along the way. Even if it has been tough and unpleasant at times, we always manage to laugh it off.”

Racil’s perfect day in the UAE would start with brunch with her girlfriends by the beach. “I love the Ritz Carlton near JBR, then to take a walk around the stores, maybe a drive in the desert and then out for dinner and drinks at Zuma or La Petite Maison.”

Dalia Dogmoch

Author of D’s Kitchen food blog, co-owner and chief baker of Kitsch Cupcakes and official food correspondent of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, this Syrian starlet is one passionate foodie. When customers at Kistch Cupcakes asked her to share all her recipes, she set up the food blog and within months she had accumulated over 10,000 fans. “It’s a blog for food lovers everywhere and it’s all about getting back in the kitchen and having fun cooking. Anyone who loves food can create the most amazing dishes and if you love food, your taste buds will guide you.”

Dalia (left) admits she has loved food from a young age and started baking almost as soon as she could walk. “I always knew I was going to do something food related, just not exactly what! It started with a bakery and now I’m moving onto my latest savoury obsession, D’s Kitchen.”

This year, Dalia is going to be giving cooking classes for a good cause and concentrating on a couple of other ideas in the pipeline. “A friend of mine calls me the Nigella Lawson of the Middle East and thinks one day I’ll be just like her. We’ll see!”