Hot 100 2011 - Niki Mukhi

Mixing business and pleasure
Hot 100 2011 - Niki Mukhi
Niki Mukhi

Niki has one of the region’s most interesting lives. By day he runs his family business Crystal Temptations in Wafi and by night he’s a writer and session guitarist.

“There was never a particular role that I wanted to have. I’m very comfortable doing many things at once. I have to break people’s perceptions in both my occupations; some people were under the impression I wasn’t entirely focused on business because I’m also a musician and vice versa. But those who understand what it is to be a musician know that it’s good to have more than one occupation and all entrepreneurs know that when you feel something, you have to move with it.”

Niki lives in Jumeirah and moved to this region some 20 years back. “As Dubai has changed over the years my crazy household has remained constant.My home is filled with fun memories and music,” says the musician who describes his life here as safe but fast-moving. “This country is not waiting around for anything or anyone. It is full of ideas, and hungry to bring ideas to life.”