Hot 100 2011 - Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor

Fashion with a cause
Hot 100 2011 - Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor
Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor

Best known for his inimitable style and launching the revolutionary T-Shirt line under the brand House of glaMO, this ambitious Emirati is a man who comes from the heart, with the entire concept of his fashion label linked to charitable causes.

“I’m extremely passionate about helping others in need. We have already done quite a bit with charity and House of glaMO, but this year I want to do as many charitable activities as possible and work with some major up and coming talents from the region.”

Coming from a well-known UAE family name, Mohammed admits that it’s a blessing and an advantage to carry the Habtoor surname. “I tend to shy away from the family name by not being in the shadows or the comforts of it. It will always be one of my biggest challenges, to develop myself as a stand-alone public figure. I want to be remembered as a legacy for the UAE and hopefully the world itself.”