Hot 100 2011 - Miranda Davidson

Coaching future stars
Hot 100 2011 - Miranda Davidson
Miranda Davidson

Hailing directly from Hollywood, it’s no strange surprise that this bubbly American is an acting coach, actress and TV presenter all rolled into one. Having worked for the likes of Fashion TV and hosted coverage at some of the best events in Hollywood like the Emmy’s, Teen Choice Awards, the Latin Billboard Awards just to name a few, Miranda has been blessed to work with some of the top people in the industry.

One of Miranda’s first experiences in Hollywood was working for Warner Brothers with Kirstie Alley and James Wilder. “Kirstie was a wonderful influence. She is so down to earth and as a woman, I respect all of her successes and obstacles she has overcome both personally and professionally. James Wilder on the other hand was more like a scene from the movie Swimming with Sharks!”

Today Miranda is focusing on her acting coaching and giving classes at the Bareface Talent office in Dubai. In the spring she’ll be moving to a large studio in Studio City which she hopes will allow her to coach even more students. “I have students of all ages as well as ethnic backgrounds and genders. There is a stigma I would like to break, and that is if you’re not Brad Pitt or Selma Hayek there is no place for you in front of the camera. It’s just not true. There are all kinds of people in this industry. The secret to being good at anything is hard work and dedication.”