Hot 100 2011 - Michelle Dawn Roberts

Blinging up the region
Hot 100 2011 - Michelle Dawn Roberts
Michelle Dawn Roberts

Genuine, generous and admittedly a little goofy, this Canadian-born jewellery designer is know for her blingtastic creations under the brand Jake and Gigi.

Reflecting her own sense of quirky style, Michelle’s work includes bespoke commissions such as crystal encrusted safe worth a million Dirhams! “My pieces are unique as the people that collect them,” says Michelle, who started out designing jewellery just for friends. “When my friends saw what I was wearing, they asked if they could have something similar and the business just grew from there.”

Michelle first came to Dubai in 1975, so is one of the few who have witnessed the huge transformation the region has undergone. “I remember driving out to the Chicago Beach Villas and it was a half an hour drive through the desert in Jumeriah. We now have slick roads, huge high rises and an amazing art and fashion industry.” And this sort of stunning transformation continues for Michelle in 2011, with her hoping to “work hard, expect nothing and celebrate!”