Hot 100 2011 - Michael Cinco

America’s Next Top Presenter
Hot 100 2011 - Michael Cinco
Michael Cinco

For this Filipino designer, 2011 is going to be huge! After being hand-picked to appear alongside presenter Tyra Banks and Vogue’s Leon Talley in America’s Next Top Model, Michael is on top of the world.

He opened Michael Cinco Haute Couture in Dubai seven years ago, and describes the UAE as a fashion designer’s dream. “The country is continually challenging itself and it inspires me to do the same, lifting me to greater heights. There’s something unfathomably magnificent about its vision that draws people here. The greatest, the highest, the grandest… such philosophies makes it the best it can be.”

Though Michael admits that breaking into Dubai’s elite can be rather daunting. “This society notches itself above others. The bar of standards is always up, and the challenge is then to make yourself the trend and not the follower.” Luckily, he excels in this. Having just finished a fabulous wedding dress for New York socialite Samantha Sarcinella, who’s getting married to car racer Kyle Busch, Michael’s planning to set even more trends and create an entire line of celebrity gowns for the red carpet in 2011. “Last year, I’m just glad my business survived the recession. This year will be fabulous.”