Hot 100 2011 - Mehdi Moazzen

The Visionary
Hot 100 2011 - Mehdi Moazzen
Mehdi Moazzen

As an interior architect, artist and sculptor there’s no denying which side of the brain Mehdi is famous for. Founder of Point of Design, he’s all about the detail. “I don’t like to let anything escape my attention,” admits Mehdi. “My vision is built on design solutions informed by structure and logic.”

Having spent the last 20 years in Dubai, the father of four daughters says he lives in a wonderful old house and does what he does because he’s always wanted to do it. “I’m excited by the speed in which this region has changed and the truly unique infratsructure that has been created.”

In addition to his architectual projects, this year Mehdi’s also working on a series of portraits of people who surround him and who he finds fascinating. “I’m inspired by new things each and every day, and the law of success being true to yourself. My goal this year is to be bright, balanced and composed – whatever the outcome.”