Hot 100 2011 - Marwan Parham Al Wadhi & Lubna Habib

The Twenty Somethings…
Hot 100 2011 - Marwan Parham Al Wadhi & Lubna Habib
Lubna Habib and Marwan Parham Al Wadhi

Marwan Parham Al Wadhi

Renowned local DJ, founder of Bliss Inc Entertainments and co-host of Dubai One’s youth show Twenty Something, Marwan – aka DJ Bliss – is one popular dude. To say he has his finger on the pulse is an understatement. Marwan is ‘da man’.

Even though he’s at the forefront of the entertainment industry, Marwan admits that he might need to have more fun. “Everyone has a different way of describing me, I guess it’s a Gemini thing, but the one thing a lot of people tell me is I need to stop working so much and live a little!”

But for Marwan, work is like a hobby – he simply loves what he does. “I’ve been skydiving on Palm Island, I’ve hosted the opening of Burj Khalifa and last year I travelled to Australia, America, Spain, Morocco and Germany.” He also launched Bliss Inc Entertainment and this year he’s looking forward to doing a even more touring, as well as working on a studio album and “a few surprises you’ll hear about.” Watch this space.

Lubna Habib

Twenty Something co-host Lubna is also a Gemini like Marwan. “People describe me as fiercely independent, individualistic, quick-witted, curious, baffling and illogical,” says the rising star, whose road to success has sometimes been rocky. “I was actually bullied at school, so I’d hide in my school theatre and watch people rehearse. Eventually I thought, ‘hey I can do that!’. Slowly I got into singing and acting, and eventually I landed the lead role in a big school play. As the years went by I became more confident and presented a weekly chillout radio show and then finally got a break in TV.”

Lubna, a comedienne at heart, draws inspiration from Margaret Cho, Stephen Fry and Joanna Lumley, and says, “I most want to be remembered as the woman who had GREAT eyebrows!” In reality, she’s all about never giving up. “Have an enthusiastic heart and either find a way or make one,” advises Lubna. “Don’t ever be discouraged when a door closes in your face. Just kick it back open!”