Hot 100 2011 - Louise Kjaer and Jessica Cater

Fit for business
Hot 100 2011 - Louise Kjaer and Jessica Cater
Louise Kjaer and Jessica Cater

Jessica Cater: Gym’ll fix it

As co-owner of Studio Fitness, this fun-loving American is as upbeat as her partner Louise when it comes to her life. “I have the world’s best job. I get to be surrounded by positive healthy people every day. Coming into work is a gift. I don’t know if there are many people who adore their profession as much as I do.”

Jessica has been in the UAE for three years. She planned to stay for only six months but fell in love with the country and has no plans to leave. “The people I’ve met here are among the things I love most about Dubai. I feel the expat community creates closer relationships among friends whose families are often so far away. The people who choose to live here are also adventurous and open-minded individuals.”

Jessica’s perfect day here begins with a quick workout, followed by an al fresco brekkie down on The Walk and then beach volleyball and a dive in the sea, before heading to Barasti for wonderful food and live music. In 2011, she aims to “positively influence those around me to live a better life.”

Louise Kjaer: Fit for business

Despite only arriving in Dubai two years ago, this outgoing Dane has already set up her own company, Studio Fitness, in Jumeirah Beach Residence. “I love my job. I get to make a difference in people’s lives. It can be hard to motivate yourself to get up and do a workout, but we aim to bring the fun back into fitness.

Louise admits that opening her own studio has been incredibly tough, but it’s worth it when she gets to see how happy her clients are with the results. “If you believe in your idea you shouldn’t be afraid to take a chance and go head-first, but you have to be patient and determined when doing business here.”

“Back in Denmark there’s a song my dad used to sing to me and it goes something like this: ‘They say that above the clouds the sky is always blue, but it can be hard to understand when you can’t see it...’ Basically it means in life there’ll be ups and downs – and when things are tough don’t lose focus.”