Hot 100 2011 - Kris Fade and Chad Manes

The Breakfast Boys
Hot 100 2011 - Kris Fade and Chad Manes
Kris Fade and Chad Manes

Kris Fade

As co-host of The Kris Fade Show with Chad, Kris (right) is no stranger to the early hours of the morning. Up at 5am for his breakfast show slot on Virgin Radio, Kris describes himself and his co-host Chad as hyperactive.

“Most of the time, we’re told we’re crazy. It’s not natural to wake up and be so lively at 5am, but somehow we manage it. We get to play the best songs around the world every morning. It’s a fun and exciting job that allows us to be creative, outrageous, inspiring, silly and ourselves for an entire four hours.”

“Not everyone has that luxury, and we know just how lucky we are that we’re in this profession. In one morning we’ll go from making a prank call to playing the ‘Yes or No’ game. It’s a great feeling when all our listeners tell us they laugh all the way to work.”

Kris, who hails from Sydney and is married with a daughter, has an unusual musical obsession… He counts harmonicas as one of the five most single important things in his life; “The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is ‘a harmonica is a man’s best friend.’”

Chad Manes

Described as the more controlled element of the duo, Chad (left) made his way into breakfast radio by voicing mid dawn and weekend shifts before finally landing his own gig on KISS FM in Los Angeles. “We had to do a lot of things to get here and do the show together. One pebble in the pond could have thrown off this Universe as we know it!”

Living in the Greens, the happy bachelor confesses he was infatuated with Dubai from a long time ago; “The Burj Khalifa is stunning, the Dubai fountains amazing and the lifestyle here is very unique. We have ski-slopes, desert safaris, beaches and beer – I just want to move all my family out here!”

In his spare time Chad likes to hit the field with either a spot of basketball, American football or snowboarding, with his perfect day in the UAE being, “doing nothing and still having fun.”