Hot 100 2011 - Izu Ani

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Hot 100 2011 - Izu Ani
Izu Ani

Everyone’s been raving about the food at DIFC’s latest restaurant, Le Petite Maison. It seems a reservation here is the hottest ticket in town and Exceutive Chef Izu Ani is the genius behind the menu, though he remains humble about his successes. “Our menu is high-end, but simple – it’s home cuisine and I love cooking for people and seeing how much they enjoy the food we serve.”

The jovial chef, who arrived last July in the thick of the summer scorch, admits he never thought he would come here. “It doesn’t seem real living here – that can be good and bad at times. But the UAE has a sense of ambition that you feel the minute you arrive. It’s a country that makes things happen and we can all benefit from this advantage.”

For Izu, the biggest lesson he learned last year was the need to relate to other people. “Treat people how you want to be treated,” says Izu. “It’s a timeless lesson.” This year he wants to build a strong team. “Team stands for Together Everyone Acheives More – that’s the philosophy of our kitchen.”