Hot 100 2011 - Hind and Alia Bin Kerbash

Fashionista and Style Sister
Hot 100 2011 - Hind and Alia Bin Kerbash
Hind and Alia Bin Kerbash

Hind Bin Kerbash: Fashionista

As co-owner of Dubai fashion boutique Bullets and Butterflies, this mum-of-two loves to dress up her daughters. After them, Hind’s wardrobe is her pride and joy – she even took a pattern-making course to better understand the construction of clothes.

“The idea for the boutique has been brewing for years,” she says. “Alia and I started executing the plan last year and it’s taken a lot of hard work, research and dedication to get where we are today.”

Hind, who’s from the UAE, is quick to point out that despite Dubai’s changing skyline, nationals are still true to their roots. “We’re proud of our heritage – it hasn’t been forgotten, we’re just expressing a modern take on our culture. The biggest misconception is that every UAE local is rich, so the media should focus on promoting young locals emerging as independent innovators to show we’re not just about material gains.”

Alia Bin Kerbash: Style Sister

Younger sister Alia describes herself as a cheeky, smart, adventurous go-getter. “I love getting in touch with the public and telling them what we have to offer while hearing their suggestions.”

Born and still residing in Jumeirah, Alia is living her dream life. “Opening a fashion boutique has always been a goal of mine; fashion is my passion and I spent my teenage years endlessly flicking through fashion magazines. The best part is meeting new talent and supporting local upcoming designers.”

Alia ascribes her success to living by a set of fundamental beliefs: “There’s always room for improvement – in fact, that’s essential. Don’t dwell on your mistakes; always keep an open mind when a new opportunity comes your way; be aware of your strengths, work on your weaknesses and do what you love doing.”