Hot 100 2011 - Hikmat ElHaj ElKaitoob

Educating The Nation
Hot 100 2011 - Hikmat ElHaj ElKaitoob
Hikmat ElHaj ElKaitoob

Owner of the Dubai American Scientific School and the Middle Eastern ambassador of Mosaica Education International, Chairwoman of Hope Worldwide Foundation and member of the Rotary Club, Hikmat has always set her sights on bringing change to the region.

“Education is the key to development and prosperity,” says the multi-tasker. “Our people, and specifically our children, deserve the best education in the world. In my roles, I now have the opportunity to deliver the highest quality education to every corner of the region.”

When Hikmat first arrived in the UAE she knew in her heart it would always be her home. “This country is best described as the ‘Blessed Lands’ and my life here is very peaceful.” This year, Hikmat intends to spend more time dedicating her efforts to philanthropic causes. “The work that these organisations do has really put my life into perspective. There’s so much to be done and I know that there are big challenges ahead, but I’m ready to face them.”