Hot 100 2011 - Hatem Alakeel

The King Of Thobes
Hot 100 2011 - Hatem Alakeel
Hatem Alakeel

Saudi-born fashion designer, Hatem Alakeel – dubbed the Middle Eastern Tom Ford – may have carved a name as ‘the king of thobes’, but in 2010, the sweet-natured creative spent the entire year spreading his message of peace around the globe.

Having manifested the Toby PEACE Be Upon You campaign early last year, its symbollic PEACE bracelet has gone on to adorn the wrists of actors, royals, socialites and athletes from around the world, with proceeds going to various international charities.

Hatem feels this was his calling. “Designers such as myself are given an international platform which must be used wisely. My Toby PEACE campaign is my way of giving back and promoting the message of peace out to the planet. I want to be the designer who bridges cultures, religions and different perspectives.”

Hatem came to the UAE four years ago and has made a name for himself as one of the region’s top fashion forces. His latest collection will soon be launched at SAKS Fifth Avenue, but for Hatem his aim In 2011 is to continue spreading his message of peace. “Keep the momentum strong and positive in everything you do. Life is cyclical, so it’s important to give back especially if one is in a position of responsibility and leadership…”