Hot 100 2011 - Giuseppe Moscatello and Noor Al Suwaidi

Hot 100 2011 - Giuseppe Moscatello and Noor Al Suwaidi
Giuseppe Moscatello and Noor Al Suwaidi

Giuseppe Moscatello

As creative director of Sharjah-based Maraya Art Centre, a non-commercial art space in Al Qasba, this Italian artist is extremely proud of what he does. “I feel like this is my baby. It’s a project I started when I joined Al Qasba two years ago. The place is a fantastic platform for contemporary art, showcasing young fresh talent from the UAE.”

As father to an eight-month daughter, Giuseppe feels that the UAE is the ideal place for this family. “It’s perfect for raising children. It’s very safe and there’s a great simplicity here, but a huge amount of opportunties at the same time – especially those with ideas, talent and personality. Despite the recession, the business opportunites are still there. In terms of art and culture, I believe that young artists have the power to create their own idenity and establish their career on a local and international scale.”

Noor Al Suwaidi

As an artist and curator, Noor’s highlight of the year was curating a show for young Emirati artists with Guiseppe at Maraya. “We named the show The Experiment featuring Alaa Edris, Alia Lootah, Shaikha Almazrou and Khalid Abdulla (pictured here). It was really well received. I love meeting and promoting talented young artists.”

This year, Noor has two shows she is working on in the UK with that hope that one day she will “teach and inspire young artists.” Taking her talents abroad also means that as an Emirati, Noor can help change the misconceptions about the region. “We are people too. I feel like we are looked upon as untouchables. I hope that people from other countries will make an effort to understand us and our culture one day. I feel sad when expats tell me I’m the first Emirati they’ve met, when they’ve been here for a long time. “