Hot 100 2011 - Eileen Lee and Alanoud Badr

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Hot 100 2011 - Eileen Lee and Alanoud Badr
Eileen Lee and Alanoud Badr

Eileen Lee

When Eileen found people repeatedly asking if there was culture in the desert, it occurred to her that she could put her skills as a marketer, entrepreneur and willing member of multiple communities to a good cause and actually answer that question.

And so was born. Dubbed as a platform for local event organisers and businesses as well as residents and visitors alike to plan their agendas, this glamorous Eurasian is reporting about culture in the desert.

“The greatest misconception people have of Dubai is that there isn’t any culture for a place so young and new. I hope to show the world that we are spoilt for choice, and this is only growing as world class museums are erected, stronger business relationships are formed and people share their experiences.”

Eileen’s perfect day in Dubai would start with a massage with an ocean view followed by a healthy lunch at the Beach Bar Grill at The One Only Royal Mirage in Dubai. My partner and I would then take in a West End show at the Madinat theatre and finish the day with friends and dinner one of Dubai’s amazing restaurants with an incredible view.”

Alanoud Badr

This Saudi-born beauty lives and breathes fashion literally. As founder of the online boutique and the fashion blog, Alanoud loves to spread her word through fashion and juicy gossip. “I like to get involved in many fields regarding fashion and PR. I love to connect people and opportunities together.” And it doesn’t stop there, the passionate go-getter is soon to be designing her own jewellery line. “I won’t say too much about it until I have the full blown collection ready, but when it comes out I hope you all appreciate it as it comes from a very special place in my life and will hopefully inspire and relate to many.”

Alanoud describes her life in Dubai as the Bermuda Triangle of the Middle East, because “once you get lost in its glitz and glamour you find it hard to leave the place”. But it’s the people who really make her life here so special, “the UAE is great for meeting the greatest people and the ones that change your lives.”