Hot 100 2011 - Diya Ajit

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Hot 100 2011 - Diya Ajit
Diya Ajit

Diya is somewhat of an octopus when it comes to art. “I wear many creative hats in both the commercial and underground art spheres. I can do everything from 2-D hand-drawn animation film to customising sneakers and creating large-format murals.”

In recent years, Diya has been recognised for her murals under the artist name of ‘Chroma’ and has created works for Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans Co, which were auctioned at Phillips de Pury. She’s now onto a site-specific installation – combining multi-media and performance art – which will involve working with local musician, Gayathri.

The successful artist may seem like she’s leap-frogging from one medium to another, but she insists otherwise.“I’m just a creative person finding ways of expressing myself.”

Born and bred in Dubai, Diya’s favourite memory growing up here was the time when Trade Centre was the tallest skyscraper you could see, when you could take a U-turn off Sheikh Zayed Road, and Dubai was just an intimate sandpit no one had ever heard of. “Now look at the price of a schwarma,” she laughs. “So much has changed!”