Hot 100 2011 - Chrystel Plischke-Livolsi Guillaume Nallet

The dynamic duo
Hot 100 2011 - Chrystel Plischke-Livolsi Guillaume Nallet
Chrystel Plischke-Livolsi and Guillaume Nallet

Chrystel Plischke-Livolsi

Described as the “left brain” of the business, co-founder of clothing and jewellery designers Pigalle Partners, Chrystel started her career as a lawyer. “I’m supposed to be the logical nerdy side of the business, but I’m actually very creative. I also style as well and worked on the Saks Fifth Avenue advertising campaign we just did and I also get involved in designing the jewellery and clothes too.”

The French-born artist, came from London eight years ago, met her partner Guillaume and founded Pigalle Partners. They are now working on a fashion blog and another branch of the business called A+ where they create and produce fashion catalogues and ad campaigns.

“I’ve never worked so hard in my life but I’ve never been happier. We have dreams but we also make them happen together and it’s the most rewarding and challenging thing on earth.”

Guillaume Nallet

As the “right brain” of the business, Guillaume has spent the past 10 years as a fashion stylist and has a successful reputation as one of the top stylists in the region. Also hailing from France, this trendsetting Frenchman started out in a bakery, but after all the long hours and hard work, he decided to shift into fashion.

Like Chrystel, Guillaume came to Dubai eight years ago and he thought he would only stay three days… “I guess it was my destiny to evolve personally and professionally here.”

Currently busy working on the menswear line for Police Pigalle, Guillame is very passionate about their fashion blog. “I want people to feel free to submit ideas to us. I want to rehabilitate creative dreams in imagery, so don’t be shy. Send them along!”