Hot 100 2011 - Catboy, Geordiebird, Nats, Tom and Dan

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Hot 100 2011 - Catboy, Geordiebird, Nats, Tom and Dan
Catboy, Geordiebird, Nats, Tom and Dan

My favourite memory here has to be karaoke at Hibiki singing Nights in White Satin before being being man-handled by security on the Hyatt Regency ice-rink,” jokes Catboy from the infamous Catboy Geordiebird breakfast show on Dubai 92. “Mine has to be when I interviewed four of my favourite famous authors in one afternoon,” adds his co-host Geordiebird, who admits to calling Dubai “Dewybai” for years thanks to her Geordie accent. Known for their witty anecdotes and fun-loving humour, the dynamic duo have been keeping us cheerful in the mornings for five years, and still manage to remain best friends despite the 4am wake-up calls.

“And I’m the muppet who comes on air afterwards,” pipes in midday show presenter, Nats. A longtime UAE resident, her favourite experience “at home” includes Christmas with a surfing Santa. “I remember spotting Santa Claus surfing up to the beach with a bag of presents when I was seven years old. We didn’t have chimneys, so he surfed up on a sunny afternoon and gave presents to all the kids. It was the best – Surfer Santa was cool!”

“I have incredible memories over the four years I’ve been here,” adds Dan, who presents the Tom Dan show after Nats. “Each year has its new challenges, experiences and chances to make the most out of life,” says the British DJ who introduced not only Elton John but Basement Jaxx and Amy Winehouse onstage this year. “I can’t wait to see what twists and turns this year brings.”

Meanwhile his co-host and best friend, Tom is also loving life in the UAE and taking advantage of all the incredible experiences his job has to offer. “The best times so far have to be sailing on a big boat out in the Arabian Gulf, sitting in a cockpit of a private jet, getting a private showing of the dolphins at the Atlantis. All the film set stuff. It’s a world a way from life back home.”