Hot 100 2011 - Carine Abboud

Bringing the glitz and glam
Hot 100 2011 - Carine Abboud
Carine Abboud

As a woman in the Middle East and former model, it can be difficult at times to get others to take you seriously. I tend to overcompensate for this by being hard-nosed with people. The challenge is getting people to take me seriously,” says the beautiful Carine who currently works for Pragma Lifestyle.

Ambitious and independent, Carine has worked on some fabulously glamourous events during her three year stint in Dubai. Highlights include launching Cavalli Club and liaising with Roberto Cavalli himself, “we became friends in the process,” she reveals. Carine has also worked on the renovation party for Club 400, organised the successful Cavalli fashion show last year – the first in the Middle East – and launched the BoHouse Café. “I enjoy the creative process behind my job, from conceptualising events to finding new ways to reach my target market. Add the fun venues to the mix, and it’s a perfect job.”

Carine admittedly loves her life here. “It’s not just a superficial society with no culture or depth. The UAE has something for everyone. If you only come for a little while, you may only see the superficial money-driven layers of society. If you dig deeper, you can find a decent music scene, family life, sports, food and all the things that make a well-rounded society.”