Hot 100 2011 - Brett Wastie

Coaching the kids
Hot 100 2011 - Brett Wastie
Brett Wastie

Brett may be a successful commercial director of a corporate brokerage by day, but his big passion comes at the weekends when he coaches rugby to kids in his spare time. “Seven months of the year, my Fridays are dedicated to rugby coaching a squad of very energetic children – including my two boys – at the Dubai Exiles RFC. There are thousands of kids in the UAE who are nuts about the sport, and this is a great way of getting them running around and learning how to work as a team.”

Aside from weekends, Brett and his wife Linda also spend their Tuesdays at DESS teaching rugby to around 30 young and talented players. “I really enjoy being able to share my experience and knowledge about the sport to hopefully encourage the kids to get involved as well.”

And it’s sharing those life lessons that Brett hopes to encourage in others. “Each of us has a network – no matter how small – of people who have a library of knowledge and life experience inside them. If you leverage that network by getting to know and understand each other, you will have a very powerful tool at your fingertips. All it takes is a cup of instant coffee…”