Hot 100 2011 - Bong Guererro & Ramzi Nakad

Something to brag about…
Hot 100 2011 - Bong Guererro & Ramzi Nakad
Bong Guererro and Ramzi Nakad

I have a lot of duality in my personality. I’m creative but logical. I like order that is messy. I like thinking inside but outside the box,” says Lebanese Ramzi, successful co-founder and managing partner of one of the region’s hottest and pioneering ‘live’ marketing agencies, BRAG.

BRAG was set up just two years ago and since then has taken on big clients such as Heineken, Splash, Google, Phillip Morris, Puma and MTV. “We started the business in the middle of the recession,” adds Ramzi’s best friend, co founder and managing partner Filipino Bong, who lives by the motto: “enjoy the ride. Life is beautiful.”

Like his partner Ramzi, Bong spent over two years in Dubai working for big companies and large events and is now enjoying the fruits of his labour with their own company. “There is still a lot more to achieve ,” admits Bong. “But this year we are working towards a mega fabulous fashion event . Watch this space...”