Hot 100 2011 - Bashar Al Shroogi

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Hot 100 2011 - Bashar Al Shroogi
Bashar Al Shroogi

As Director of Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, the Gulf’s largest commercial exhibition space, Bashar is well known for reinventing the non-profit art scene in the Middle East. Currently developing the Cuadro Art Education Programme, this conscientious Bahraini, is dedicated to empowering Middle Eastern artists and enabling them to exhibit their works internationally.

“After completing a Master in Ethics I wanted to re-evaluate the role of business in today’s society. Cuadro’s mission as a not-for-profit organisation is in keeping with my beliefs and ideals.”

Bashar moved here just two years ago and believes that the region has essentially solidified its own unique style. “This carries across many disciplines, including design, architecture, art and fashion – you can look at something now and say ‘that’s very Dubai’. The city has developed its own design identity. It’s in its early stages of maturity, but it is there nonetheless.”

For this kind-natured soul, his perfect day is a Friday, when he’d walk his dog, brunch at Circle Café in Jumeirah, take a walk on the beach, have a massage and hamman at Royal Mirage, then sundowners by the pool and dinner at Zuma.

This year he hopes to open five new ‘live and work’ studios for Middle Eastern artists at Cuadro. “Last year I learned to be humble, focus on the big picture and not sweat the small stuff. Now everything’s possible.”