Homeless The Torch Residents Have a Week to Find Someplace Else

People living in gutted Dubai Marina building scramble for new accommodation after towering inferno wrecked their apartments
ByLauren SteadmanTuesday , 24 February 2015
Homeless The Torch Residents Have a Week to Find Someplace Else

Residents of more than 100 flats gutted by a massive fire have just seven days to find somewhere to live, the building’s insurance provider has said.

Hundreds were evacuated in the middle of the night when Dubai Marina’s The Torch, one of the world’s tallest residential towers, caught ablaze on Saturday night.

A number of apartments at the 86-storey development have been left with gaping holes in place of windows and walls after flames tore through the skyscraper.

People whose flats aren’t fit to live in been given a week’s free accommodation but will be on their own after that time.

Oman Insurance Company said those made homeless by the inferno will be put up in Dubai’s Gloria, Media One and Marriott hotels.

Dubai Police chief General Khamis Mattar Al Muzainah said fire investigations are continuing.

He said: “We’re still questioning residents and our experts are trying to determine the cause.”

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