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13 Oct 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

The seemingly sweet celebs with a major mean streak!

‘Lea’s Earned A Rep As A Major Diva’
As the breakout star of hit show Glee, Lea Micheleshould have the showbiz world at her feet, but sources say she’s alienating her peers with her bad attitude and diva-like demands. “She always seems so smiley and sweet when a camera’s trained on her,” said an insider. “But the truth is she is just as high-maintenance as her character, Rachel Berry.”

And, according to her ex-colleagues on Broadway – where she got her big break – Lea’s always been hard to work with.

“Tales of difficult behaviour seem to follow her around,” said one former co-star. “She’s had a star complex even before she hit the big time.”

Smiley and sweet act
The 24-year-old was recently forced to publicly apologise for her rude behaviour when famed photographer Patrick McMullan claimed she behaved obnoxiously towards him when he tried to take her picture at a showbiz bash. According to the snapper, she sarcastically replied ‘Sarah Palin,’ then ‘Taylor Swift,’ when he asked her name to go with her pic, but the starlet later insisted it was a “silly joke that didn’t go over.”

On-set demands
Lea has also upset the Glee cast and crew members, with claims she demands special treatment on set. “She has very clear ideas about what she wants to do and how she wants to look. I think she’s Type-A, like her character,” said a source.

While another crew member added, “Lea thinks she’s above speaking to certain members of the crew. She’s a snob… she sometimes even refuses to talk to junior members of staff.”

Snubbing fans
And it’s not just her colleagues that Lea has offended with her bad attitude – she’s also been accused of dissing her fans. According to a witness at a post-Emmys bash earlier this year, the actress refused to meet and greet fans, rolling with an entourage of heavies.

“Rachel left it to her personal bodyguard to keep fans and well-wishers at bay so she could spend the evening with her boyfriend,” said a spy. While it’s also claimed the actress pulled a similar stunt at the Glee season premiere party last month, staying in the VIP section surrounded by bodyguards, while her cast mates mingled with the other guests.

‘Kristen is Always Sneering’
As a relative newcomer in Hollywood, you would think that Kristen Bellwould be grateful for any press attention she can get, but she’s fast earning a rep as a difficult diva thanks to her less-than-gracious treatment of several
US reporters.

Nasty and snarky
According to one spy, who met the When In Rome star at the Sundance Film Festival, the 30-year-old is hiding a raging mean girl behind her pretty blonde exterior. “Kristen arrived on the red carpet and posed on the press line,” revealed a spy. “But when journalists started pleading with her for an interview – shouting ‘Kristen! Kristen! We love you, Kristin come over’, she turned around and in the nastiest, snarkiest, b******** voice, sneered, ‘I’m not talking to you, okay?’”

While another insider spilled, “She is always b*****, no one likes her.”

‘Sarah Will Stop at Nothing for Fame!’
Despite her wholesome family image, it’s an open secret in Hollywood that Sarah Michelle Gellarcan be as calculating, ruthless and manipulative as the Cruel Intentions character that made her a star. Though her movie career has failed to take off since the 1999 hit, Sarah has made no secret of the fact that she feels she’s destined to be a huge star – and she’s prepared to mow down anyone who is standing in her way.

New diva in town
And, say insiders, the 33-year-old has made a series of enemies by clambering over her co-stars to get to the top – none more so than soap veteran Susan Lucci, who played SMG’s mum in her breakthrough role on the day time soap All My Children. According to a spy on the set of the long-running soap, the then 17-year-old Sarah Michelle was determined to outdo the older actress. “There was friction between Sarah and Susan from the start,” said a spy. “Susan had been on the show for 24 years and accused Sarah of trying to upstage her, and Sarah made it clear that there was a new star in town.”

Clocking up enemies
The mum-of-one also has long-running feuds with her fellow 90s scream queen Neve Campbell, her ex-boyfriend Matthew Perry and with Julia Roberts – who was reportedly snubbed by the Buffy star at the Met Gala ball in 2008. SMG is also said to have upset actress Kerri Russell after she sniped in an interview that she was “sick of hearing about her.”

Controlling wife
And while Sarah Michelle and husband Freddie Prinze Jr – who have a daughter, Charlotte, together – give the impression of a Hollywood golden couple, insiders say behind the scenes Sarah is a controlling and manipulative wife.

According to one former friend of Freddie, Sarah systematically got rid of Freddie’s childhood friends, after their 2002 wedding, preferring him to mix in Hollywood showbiz circles. “I got a voicemail from Sarah one day,” spilled a former pal. “She told me, ‘I have control of Freddie now. He will never admit to being your best friend.’”

‘Emile is rude – he learned from Sean!’
Into The Wild star – and Sean Penn’s protege – Emile Hirsch, has been blasted for being seriously rude to fans who’ve attempted to meet him. In one case, a female fan reportedly tried to strike up a conversation with the 25-year-old in a hotel bar, and the actor was heard sniping, “Is that the best you can do? You’re pathetic.” While on another occasion Emile nastily snubbed two fans who had begged for an autograph.

“Not only did he reject them, he gave them the finger, cackled in their faces, and then sprinted off,” said a spy. “He was overhead telling his people who were pleading with him to just sign the autograph that he absolutely would not do it because they were “f****** losers”.

Sniped one well-placed Hollywood insider, “Emile Hirsch has developed a healthy attitude problem. The boy is downright rude – perhaps he learned that from his mentor?”

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