Hollywood's Most Expensive Divorces

Hollywood's Most Expensive Divorces

31 May 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

What happens when two major stars split? Bank accounts get rinsed....

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

Payout: Dhs220 million
Sources say that before Paul and Heather wed on a stunning Irish estate she suggested they draw up a pre-nup, he disagreed and hence made the biggest mistake of his life. After failing to reach a deal for a Dhs110 million quickie divorce, the Beatles legend issued formal proceedings blaming Heather’s “unreasonable behaviour” and her tendency to be “argumentative” and “rude to staff” as the reason for their marriage breakdown. Ensuring the split was public and not amicable, Heather tried to spill to all and sundry about the way her ex-hubby was boring and “mean.”

Macca’s set to wed Nancy Shevell, who he refuses to make sign a pre-up. Really? Come now Paul, learn from your mistakes.

Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg

Payout: Dhs367 million
The movie director may have been clever enough to get his former wife to sign a prenuptial agreement however he wasn’t smart enough to get it fully authorised – the details were merely scrawled on a napkin! As such Amy contested the agreement and won, receiving half of Steven’s fortune at the time. Thankfully for the ET and Saving Private Ryan creator his success, and bank balance, have seriously soared since.

James Cameron and Linda Hamilton

Payout: Dhs367 million
Linda’s payout was very generous especially as she was only with James, with whom she had one daughter, for 18 months – married for eight – before the relationship was terminated. Her sum was so large because she was married to him when he made 1997 hit Titanic.

Melissa Mathison and Harrison Ford

Payout: Dhs312 million
Perhaps one of the smartest Hollywood divorces in history, thanks to Melissa’s shrewd lawyers she not only walked away from her 21-year-old  marriage with a Dhs312 million settlement but the script writer also managed to get a piece of the Star Wars actor’s future earnings including DVD sales of the Indiana Jones trilogy and The Fugitive.

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva

Payout: Dhs294 million
They were college sweethearts before he made the transition from marketing exec to Hollywood superstar. As Cindy was with him at the height of his career she received a big payoff. Thankfully for her Waterworld came after they split. Kevin went on to date Elle MacPherson. He’s now married with three kids to German model Christine Baumgartner.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore

Payout: Dhs1.7 billion
Mel never signed a pre-nup with his wife of 28 years, with whom he had seven children. Now the former dentist assistant is set to take him to the cleaners in what is predicted to be the most expensive divorce settlements in Hollywood. Robyn filed for divorce in 2009 citing irreconcilable differences yet Mel later admitted their separation began a day after he was famously arrested for drink driving. The divorce filing also came a month after pictures of Mel embracing Oksana Grigorieva were published. Robyn is now set to receive around Dhs1.7 billion from the split thanks to California law, which states community property, which includes earnings, is divided 50/50. Actor, businessman and property mogul, Mel is said to be worth over Dhs3.3 billion.

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

Payout: Dhs92 million
They were always the hot couple of the hip socialite crowd with their relationship actually dating back to 1977. Yet model Jerry eventually called an end to their romance after discovering the ageing rocker was expecting a child with Brazilian model Luciana Morad, who was 26 years Mick’s junior. Their relationship ended amicably with them both claiming, “They will always be linked through the ... love they have for their four children and their determination to both play their full part as parents”. Yet despite their 20-plus year relationship, Mick managed to limit his financial exposure by insisting that their Hindu wedding in Bali, back in 1991, was invalid. Their marriage was annulled and Jerry walked away with about half of what she expected.

Madonna and Guy Richie

Payout: Dhs279 million
Some say it was the curse of making a film together (Swept Away) that brought an end to Madonna and Guy Richie’s seven-and-a-half year relationship. While the split seemed sudden, it’s reported the pair lived separate lives for months beforehand, deciding to eventually go their different ways after admitting “they could no longer put up with the pretence”.

Together they had one son, Rocco, adopted another, David, and raised her daughter, Lourdes.

Despite talks of a major showdown, the settlement was civil with Guy given 25 percent of her Dhs1.1 billion fortune, this included the value of their London pub and residence.

Michael Douglas and Diandra Douglas

Payout: Dhs165 million
Greed isn’t good when it comes to Wall Street star Michael’s ex-wife Diandra. The couple wed after a six week whirlwind romance and split 23 years later amid rumours of Michael’s alleged sex and alcohol addictions. His infidelities meant she had a cool Dhs165 million payout as well as homes in LA and Spain.
Yet, still not content, Diandra’s now also seeking 50 per cent of the royalties from, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, claiming because the sequel is to a movie he made when they were married she’s entitled to the earnings! Good luck with that one...

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